“Let’s End This!”

The moment your eyes meet mine

I know there was something you want to tell

I can’t figure it out

But please don’t keep it longer

I looked at you

I looked at your eyes

Which speaks a thousand of words

But your mouth couldn’t utter any single one

Until I can’t take it any longer

I broke the silence and started to speak

“What’s wrong?”

I asked

You looked at me directly

You hold my hand

“What happened to us?”

You responded.

A question that hit me so hard

A question that I can’t even answer

A question that I always wanted to ask

A question that made me think “what’s wrong with us?”

“Let’s end this”

Three words from you that hurt me so much

Three words from you that made me cry

Those three words that i can’t even process on my mind

Tears fell

I can’t deny the fact that it breaks me

Those words from you broke me

You broke me again

The next thing I knew

You were walking away

Walking away from me

Every step you take hurts me

I still remember that night

The night you end the relationship I am trying to build

The night you walked away

The night that made me think

“What have I done to deserve this kind pain?”

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